A Closer Look At The Processes Involved In PCB Assembly

The overall function and structure of the electronic device will be the basis of the board’s composition and its internal connections. Surface-mount technology and through-hole technology can be used both in PCB assembly.Visit here www.pcbnet.com for more information about PCB assembly. Surface-mount technology is able to place very small components, such as diodes, precisely in a matter of seconds.

As long as the computer layout matches the actual PCB, there would be no mistake during its process. So knowing well the layout, shape, and purpose of the board is a crucial step during the fabrication stage, and will be the basis of the next stages. A minor failure in the initial stages leads to the failure of the other stages, so it is important that there is a platform where the client can design the board, specify some its parameters, and virtually apply additions to the layout.

Various Components Of PCB Assembly Are:

Printed circuit boardThe small electrical components, which include diodes and resistors, mainly convert and distribute the energy. Diodes act like a check valve that allows the current to flow in one direction, and block the flow in the other. Resistors limit the flow of the electrical current. These are just some of the basic components that can be found in most of electronic devices, and which can be placed on the board during PCB assembly through SMT. However, there are also active electronic components, such as integrated circuits, which are assembled through SMT.

Not all components that work with energy are attached through SMT. The capacitor, for example, which temporarily stores energy, is placed by through-hole technology. Big components can be assembled by hand and through THT. It’s not required that the client has a keen understanding of electronics, since the technicians, engineers, or even computers have a grasp of this knowledge. On the other hand, hobbyists should have a basic to advanced understanding of how the circuits work, and be able to know how they’re going to make the connections function.

The assembly stage, which comes right after the circuit board is fabricated, has its own advancement, too. There is now a so-called solder paste printer that applies the solder paste to specific areas where the components are to be placed. After placing the components on to the board, the board is then heated to melt the solder paste. Then it goes through an automated checking through varying technologies, like the optical inspection machine, which ensures the board meets the quality standard. This technology makes sure the parameters are met accurately, and checks if there are already deviations based on the system’s data.

PCBThere are machines that capture the images of the pre-assembled board and compare them to the data that’s stored in the computer’s memory. After the surface-mount technology phase, the board goes through the through-hole technology phase of PCB assembly. The placement of components on to the board is done at the workstation where a skilled technician manually assembles them. With the layout on the screen, he determines the proper area for a specific component or number.

The board is once again checked if it matches the system’s data, so if one component is not properly placed, it can be corrected immediately. After checking, the board goes through the bulk wave oven where the wires are soldered in place. The board is slightly immersed in a hot liquid to effectively and evenly solder the leads. When the board is completely populated with its components, it undergoes final testing.

After the board passes through the electric and function tests, it is then coated for protection from dusts, rust, etc. to make it last long. The final stage is drying. These are examples of the processes involved in PCB assembly, and may still vary from one manufacturer to another.

SEO Consulting Is The Key To Competing With Larger Websites Today

No matter what industry you may be in, you’re going to face some competition when you set up a website. You may not immediately think so, but it’s absolutely something that you are going to have to deal with. There are two ways that you can approach this. You could do what many people do and hope that your presence is going to be pushed forward in the right direction. Or you could do what others do, and seek out SEO consulting. For instance, if you were to look at the offerings from chronistsempelis, you could find that there’s something major about this opportunity. Before you jump into this, perhaps the first thing that you need to understand a few key elements of optimization today.

The Buzzword of SEO

SEO is an acronym that gets thrown around a lot. Many people don’t understand fully what it does. What it can do, or how to start with it. The main reason why you should seek out SEO consulting is for that major trio of reasons. If you don’t know the elements of optimization explicitly, then you are going to end up losing out on the best marketing practices today. However, when you hire someone to help you with the work needed to get you noticed online, you will end up getting hit with a huge jump forward. The acronym stands for search engine optimization, and that leads down a winding path to get success.

Going The Opposite Route

SEO ConsultingThere are sample options that you can chase away from SEO. You may not immediately hire someone like chronistsempelis, but that’s not a good thing. If you truly look into the optimization that is necessary to get your site competing with much larger companies, you will see that you’re at a major disadvantage. Not only will they hire a consultant, they’ll have a team of people. They’ll also spend a great deal in PPC advertising and more. Competing head to head becomes an impossible task, if you’re going at it alone. Now, when you hire a professional, however, they can monitor the keywords that are being neglected, and focus on building a connection to the audience you want, without having to go straight at your competition. Unless you have a lot of money to burn, it’s best not to push forward straight ahead with marketing against a larger company.

The Thing About Results

Perhaps the biggest thing that you should consider about all of this is in regards to results. How do you measure success? If you have an ecommerce shop, then the success ratio is in regards to the number of sales you make. So how can you measure success outside of that? Well, the amount of unique hits, your backlink count, and much more matters. That’s where hiring a SEO consultant becomes necessary. Their job is not just to get your site more attention, it’s to garner measurable results. Without those measurable results, your pages could end up losing focus fast.

Hiring chronistsempelis, is perhaps the best option you may look at right now. The reason being is simple; your success depends on getting a helping hand with SEO. If you don’t work within the confines of search engine optimization, your pages will lose out. You will end up dropping out of the race of marketing, and your competition will swallow up any business you may have. It’s simple. If you have a website today, and don’t focus on SEO, you will not get seen. That is not a good thing, especially if you want to have a serious chance at making moves within your niche.

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Movable Cubicle: Its 15 Jaw-dropping Types

People who use a movable cubicle should be aware that it currently has 15 types. These kinds of cubicles differ have their own differences and similarities.

1.The dry storage cubicle

Because this type of moveable container comes in different dimensions regulated by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization), it is the most common cubicle that is used for shipping dry items. This cubicle is available in 20-feet, 45-feet, 10-feet, and 40-feet.

2.The open top cubicle

moveable containerThis movable cubicle has a removable top so that tall items can be easily transported. The removable top allows people to pack, unpack, load, and unload items from above the cubicle with a crane. Open top cubicles typically have wooden floors and corrugated steel walls. These cubicles are 20-feet long or 40-feet long. They also have a swiveling door header, removable bows, and a removable tarpaulin. The removable bows maintain the container’s strength.

3.The open side storage cubicle

This kind of movable cubicle has two doors on one side so that there is much wider space for loading and unloading items. It can also carry items with larger widths.

4.The refrigerated ISO (International Organization for Standardization) cubicle

This cubicle is widely used for shipping fruits and vegetables over the road, sea, and rail. It is temperature-regulated so that perishable foods can maintain their freshness in low temperatures. It comes in 40-feet, 20-feet, and 45-feet sizes.

5.The tank

This container can provide long protection to liquid materials during transportation because of its strong steel or other anti-corrosive construction materials.

6.The half-height cubicle

This cubicle is for easily loading and unloading materials such as stones and coal. Its height is half the height of full-sized cubicles.

7.The intermediate bulk shift cubicle

This cubicle can carry liquids or materials in batches. It is designed to transport those things to a place where they can be further packed. They will be shipped to a final destination after further packaging is done.

8.The special purpose cubicle

This cubicle transports weapons. It is constructed out of materials that can prevent these things from hurting other people.

9.The flat rack cubicle

This cubicle has two steel walls on both ends and a softwood floor. The two walls can either be folded or fixed. The walls keep the items securely attached during transportation. This cubicle is available in 20-feet and 40-feet sizes.

10.The tunnel cubicle

This cubicle has doors at both of its ends. This will allow people to quickly load and unload items.

11.The double doors cubicle

This cubicle has two doors on one side. The doors provide a wider room for people to load and unload items. This container is available in 40-feet and 20-feet sizes.

12.The thermal cubicle

This cubicle controls the amount of heat that will enter it. It is suitable for shipping items that are sensitive to heat such as chemicals and drugs.

13.The cargo storage roll cubicle

This cubicle can transport stacks or sets of items with its thick wire mesh and rollers. The rollers allow the wire mesh to move easily as the cubicle folds and unfolds itself. Different wire mesh colors are available so that the cubicle can look lively.

14.The car cubicle

This cubicle can transport a car over a long distance. To prevent the car from damage or from moving, the cubicle will fold its sides to help the car fit snugly.

15.The drum

This circular cubicle can ship bulky liquids or powders. It should be transported on pallets by a fork truck for easy handling. It can also be moved by turning it to one side while rolling.

No matter what kind of items that people want to store in their movable cubicle, those items will be in safe hands.

Real Estate Tip: Keeping Your Home in Style for Every Season

It has become a common knowledge that it is easier to engage in any muttontown real estate business either in spring or summer. This is partly true, but we must also understand that people may buy or sell properties on any of the 365 days we have in one year. Although spring and summer are the busiest of the seasons, we still have a fair chance to make an outstanding sale in the autumn and winter.

Most families prefer to buy homes in the spring and the summer to take advantage of the kids’ vacation period. This could make the moving in convenient and easy. However, the transactions could very well begin sometime in the winter. Now, if you are now planning to acquire or sell a house but are not particular with the ‘when’, we could help you augment your chances of landing the best deal.

seoOne of the best-kept secrets to making a successful muttontown real estate sale anytime of the year also relies on how to play-up your entire home. We all have to dress appropriately for the season and exactly the same principles apply to the homes we are planning to sell. The succeeding paragraphs will teach us how we can ace the selling process in the real estate domain any time of the year.

Effective selling tips in the winter

•Start by clearing the windows. Yes, glasses can turn all dusty during this period, too. With the low temperature, it is almost certain that glass windows can lose their transparency. If you are hoping to sell your home, make sure that your windows are clean enough to allow ample lighting enter the rooms. Using bold colors for the curtain can also add a splash of color in the all-white outdoor environment.

•Get rid of slows, particularly in the pathways and stairs. The last thing you would want for your home is accident. If you happen to live in any area that is heavily snowed, ensure that all paths are cleared of snow and properly salted. Maintaining the appearance of your yard during snowy winter day is crucial in keeping it attractive.

•Make the interior warm and very cozy. Take advantage of the cold season to play up the interiors of your home. Keeping your fireplace attractive and working is important. Another key is also to light some scented candles during the open house events to make the place even more inviting.

•Make the interior just as inviting by placing wreathes at the door. The use of garlands and exterior lights would also improve the overall appearance of the home. There are also other decorative elements you can use to make the environment livelier.

Effective selling tips in the spring

•Spring cleaning is highly recommended. It could start from the inside going up. Polish the floors and change the linen, curtains, and the table runners to offer a better spring feel to the house. Bright colors are a must during this season. A tidy home offers inherent appeal to potential home buyers.

•Make sure that your garden and  general yard also spell out ‘spring’. Start planting flowers and bring back the lively green lawn. Silk flowers are also suggested as they do not require constant watering to thrive.

•Another key is to declutter your closets to make them appear spacious. You can do this by getting rid of your bulky winter clothes. Women, in particular, tend to also use spacious closets as a criterion for choosing their homes.

•Spring also signifies sweet smell and you can also let your home smell like flowers. This can be done by lighting scented candles and by using authentic flowers in the living room and the kitchen.

Effective selling tips in the summer

•The pool is one of the most effective selling points in the summer. It is advised that the pool and the pool area are clean. Include a lovely sitting area by the pool to make it more attractive. This is to entice buyers to seal the deal right away.

•Selling the home in the summer can also be made possible by playing up the outdoor areas. These include the patio, terrace, barbecue area, and even the outdoor kitchenette. A grill with all the essential implements can also be staged to allow buyers to imagine themselves living in the home already.

•Give the landscape a makeover. Spruce it up by including a bed of flowers and bushes. Potted plants can also boost the overall look of the garden. A hammock or deck chairs in the patio can also add a little ‘fun-in-the-sun’ feel to the muttontown real estate property you are selling.

Effective selling tips in the fall

•The garden can still one of the focal points of your property so make sure that you fill it up with plants such as mums. Always remember to rake the leaves and get rid of the twigs that may already have started to clutter your garden. You may want to keep your garden lovely and tidy. Add some tasteful fall-themed decorations to make your home appealing.

•Fix all exterior lighting. The days are starting to get shorter and it is imperative to make sure that lights in the porch and in the driveway are all in good conditions.

•Fall decorations can also be applied in the interior of your homes. From dinnerware to linens, you can certainly add an instant fall feel to your home.

Whenever you wish you sell or buy a property, you can always be sure that we can provide all necessary assistance to tailor-fit your muttontown real estate needs whatever the season is.

If you know about real estate tips which keep your home in style then go through it.

Types of Lanyards

Lanyards have been a common sight, even during the French period. They came from the traditional cords used to hold whistles, guns, and pistols. Today, people use lanyards along with fashion accessories. Of course, there are also those who use such cords for reasons of functionality.

Lanyards are basically used to hold IDs for schools, organizations, and offices. This is often useful if the building requires identification cards to be worn. Metallic pieces and attachable hardware are fastened at the end of the cord to clutch a variety of small items like mini flashlights, keys, USB drives, Swiss knives, tiny gadgets, sports bottles, and even smart phones. Users see lanyards as a very useful tool for holding small trinkets together. ID lanyards can also be custom made for marketing, events, and other promotional functions. Since ID lanyards are easy to produce and come relatively inexpensive, they are often used as giveaways.

Still, if you’re planning to purchase such accessories, don’t forget that they come in different types.

1. Tubular Type

IDlanyardsIn terms of production, the material used to manufacture lanyards usually determine both price and durability. A very inexpensive option when it comes to ID lanyards is the tubular type. This uses interwoven threads that is rather comparable to the exterior of a shoelace. The material goes well with the traditional silk screen printing and can be ideal for one time, large-scale production.

2. Polyester

The polyester fabric type of lanyard is usually for bulk, one-time-use events. These are readily available at low prices since silk screen is used for printing. Typically, white plain polyester is also utilized for dye sublimation, where pressure, heat, and sublimation are used to put the print on the fabric. It is a common choice for ID lanyards with multi-colored intricate designs, such as those with cartoon or sports themes. However, polyester lanyards can be quite expensive because of the rigorous fabrication process.

3. Nylon

Among those looking for something more durable than polyester, nylon is the popular choice. The print is also silk screened and is an excellent selection for sports and other significant events. For longer lasting prints, woven nylon lanyards are suggested. Printing on these lanyards is done by a device, carrying out a process similar to embroidery. It will not wear off easily compared to simpler prints. However, it is only appropriate for less complicated fonts.

4. Digital

Lanyard production has also tapped into modern techniques, including digital printing and dye sublimation. The 4-color process of producing a digital design is used for complex logos. It is comparable to the way traditional laser printers work. The products of such process are usually durable. Laser is also used to create even longer lasting prints. It generates superior quality illustrations on the fabric cord.

5. Retractable

Most companies that produce these lanyards usually offer badge reels. These add-ons provide a customized fit for the user.

Since it is multi-functional and very easy to sell, a lot of individuals opt to start a business on lanyards. After finding a supplier and placing their orders, they would soon directly sell the laces at a price higher than the manufacturing cost. This kind of business is appropriate for people who are skilled at getting clients and are comfortable working with providers. With the proper venue, event, and customer, neck lanyards can be a stable source of income.

There are many lanyard producers online. They can work with any design and fabric, and offer these products at low, wholesale prices. They are ideal for people who are searching for startup business allies, or simply for a one-time use of ID lanyards for specific events. Still, it’d be best to ask for quotes and compare prices before choosing a manufacturer.

Safety Regulations: How Safety Talks Benefit Businesses

While often regarded as a means of preventing employee-centered issues, occupational health and safety protocols benefit businesses in more ways than one could imagine. Contrary to the persisting belief that investing in occupational safety measures require businesses to allocate larger percentages of their profit, the opposite actually happens.

Without proper knowledge on the importance of occupational safety, managers prefer productivity over streamlined operations that address health and safety risks. In the long run, the occurrence of safety lapses paralyzes operations in different aspects.

Safety TalksFor one, a company with a bad safety scorecard projects a negative image to potential employees and investors. Borrowing the words of former Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health, Dr. David Michaels, “…Safe jobs happen because employers make the choice to fulfill their responsibilities and protect their workers”. An unsafe environment leads to the conclusion that the business is not in any way concerned about upholding employee safety.

As the right to a safe working environment is listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, legal costs in the non-practice of occupational health and safety are also incurred. A business may even be ordered to shut its operation for repeated violations of state laws governing employee safety at work.

Providing safety talks to orient employees of their role in occupational health and safety increases employee motivation as they are seen assets to the company. This kind of mood increases participation and cooperation in addressing safety concerns and risks which administrators have initially failed to identify. The cooperation makes occupational safety more of a culture rather than a decree in the workplace.

As risks are identified in safety talks, the business is in a position where operation can go undeterred over long periods of time. Productivity is at its highest with the company’s manpower intact to respond to its clients.

Although small and medium enterprises may seem hesitant to invest a larger amount to occupational health and safety protocols, the driving force to encourage involvement to this effort may well be accounted by lower expenses in terms of worker insurance. If protocols are in place and safety talks permit effective communication about the importance and urgency of employee safety, profits can be allocated to expand the business rather than cover hospitalization, sickness, or injury expenses.

Promotion of employee safety at work is imperative and federal watchdogs monitor how well businesses uphold their thrust in encouraging a culture of safety at work. Penalties for work-related injuries and fatalities resulting from negligence of safety protocols, or their absence thereof, may be imposed. Together with the expenses, the business may be called out leaving a negative impression of the management.

While safety talks are often done as the business becomes operational, there are benefits of holding one before starting a business. Investors become equipped with information pertinent in assessing risks in operating the business. Different business natures call for varying degrees of safety protocols; and being able to identify these at an early stage assists in evaluating financial capacity, corporate social responsibility measures and employee benefit valuation.

Company leadership and an effective business plan are often undermined by events that lead to halting business operations. As work guidelines evolve, changing the perspective of a profit-driven management in terms of output can contribute to better profitability. Businesses are recognizing the importance of minimizing downtime and unallocated expenditures to keep operations afloat.

Safety talks can very well assist in the promulgation of an effective occupational safety management scheme. Designed to continuously improve as the need arises and new risks identified, the scheme only endorses a positive image towards the company. In this manner, returns on occupational health and safety investments can propel the business towards greater profits.

Steps on Buying Golf Bags Online

Golf bags are basically the bags that golfers use to carry their golfing equipment. Common materials utilized to create these bags include leather and nylon. Compared to other bags, these bags have holes where you can put your golf clubs. These golf equipment carriers can also be bought online. Buying them is easy. All you need is your credit card and computer. To know the details, check out these steps on buying golf bags:

1.Look for stores that sell them

Before you purchase golf equipment carriers online, it is best to look for online stores that sell them first. You can use a search engine to find them. It is also recommended to ask a friend or a fellow golfer if he knows an online shop that sells golf equipment.

2.Check every store’s reputation

After searching for online shops, it is advisable to check every store’s reputation to avoid getting victimized by scammers. Not all online stores can be trusted. Some are just after your money and information. To avoid being scammed, don’t forget to look for online reviews about a certain golf equipment store before purchasing a product from it. The store should have a proof (e.g. certificate or permit) telling its customers that it is a legitimate store.

3.Pick a certain golf equipment store

Once you’re done checking out online stores, it’s time now to pick one store where you will purchase golf equipment carriers. The online store that you must pick should be a trusted one. It is best to pick a store that sells affordable products and offers discounts at the same time. Once you’re done picking a store, better start looking at the products they are selling. Check the prices and product images.

4.Order the item you prefer

Golf bags actually have four common types—the travel, carry, cart and staff. Make sure to purchase a bag that you needed the most. If you don’t like any of the items a particular store is selling, better check the products of other golf equipment stores.

5.Pay for the item

Golf bagsAfter ordering golf bags, it’s time to pay. Before paying for the item, make sure that the payment and shipping methods of the store are applicable to you. Most golf equipment stores accept all major credit cards but some of them don’t ship in certain areas. Lastly, be careful in placing your personal information as well. Don’t let anyone see you typing your credit card’s details.

6.Wait for the bag to arrive

Once you’re done paying for the item, the online store will send you details regarding your order. The details normally include the time your item was shipped, tracking number (if applicable), and the parcel’s estimated time of arrival. Remember, be patient in waiting for you order. If you haven’t received your order yet, don’t hesitate to inform the store about the matter. You can also contact your city post office and ask them if there is a package for you.

7.Check the product

If your order managed to arrive in your doorstep successfully, make sure to check if the bag has some defects or damages. If your order has some problems, contact the store immediately. Let them replace your bag if it’s possible.

8.Review the store and its service

It is recommended to write a review about the store and its service after your purchase. Whether it is a bad or a good experience, don’t be afraid to share it. Writing reviews will let the other customers know if it’s okay to buy golf equipment in a particular store or not.

What It Takes To Be A Skilled Writer

Being a simple content writer is different from being a skilled content writer. In order for readers to be satisfied in their reading, the article should keep their interest. The following are some characteristics that a skilled content writer should possess or should always apply to eventually be considered skilled.

1.The game face

Like a soldier who’s always ready for a war – content writers should always be ready to research. Some would say that they research on as many as ten sites before writing the content. Well, checking a minimum of 3 is already helpful. Whatever the number of sites you do your research on, you shouldn’t merely gather all the data you come across. Get the gist you need, summarize the ideas, or jot down the necessary information.

2.The voice

A content writer knows how to incorporate his personality into his writing. Some content writers believe that the way to write is keeping in mind the following questions – “How can an ordinary person understands this?” or “If I will read this, will I be interested?” In this manner, you can synthesize an idea and make it more believable, understandable, and factual.

3.The one

“The one” talks about that single topic that the content is focused on. A content writer must dig deep to find descriptions, explanations, twists, mysteries, histories, and many more about a certain topic. Others present their understanding of the topic talking about disadvantages and benefits. If you wish to be among the best content writers, you shouldn’t stray from the main topic.


The style deals with the formatting, the length, and the angle of your written piece. Most writers will tell you that they also need their pen and paper to “connect the dots.” This is helpful to make the flow of every content, story, or article on point, and no part is repeated or copied from the resources without the prior acknowledgement.

5.Capture on the first line

A content writer knows that the first line is the best part to capture an audience. This is necessary to keep the readers intrigued on what you have to offer. Therefore, the first line is one of the most important parts of the article. Writers also point the importance of your “lead.” This refers to the introduction of your article, as it points the direction you are heading. Make it short, precise, and compelling.

6.Keep it simple

Content writersSome articles are clearly too wordy. This means that they are filled with long sentences, long paragraphs, and long introductions. This will result to a reader being dismayed and uninterested. Remember that most readers don’t actually read the article, they scan it. So make sure that you present your articles in a simple way, with distinction and straight to the point. It should also focus on what is the truth about the topic. Content writers should know where to start a paragraph and where to end it.


A content writer doesn’t end with the last period of the article. In fact, most writers believe that after finishing the article comes the most enjoyable part – proofreading and editing. Here, they laugh at their own mistakes, make more clarifications, and make their output better. Some content writers even suggest that editing should be done an hour or two after you have done your article – and if it is possible, a day after. Their rationale is to make the article a stranger to you.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to become a good and competitive content writer? Why not try it today!

Custom Coins and their Infinite Uses

It is a known fact that the military is not the sole group that uses the custom coins; even different businesses and organizations use them. Before, only military men own challenge coins. The coin symbolizes their affiliation with their group. It helps strengthen the bond between the members who bear the same coin.

custom coinsThe leaders of each group or unit are the ones who give each member their own coin. Bringing their own coin, at all times, has been a tradition in the military. To make sure that each military man will always bring his own coin, a coin check challenge was born. Anyone who failed to present a coin, when the challenge was called, must buy the next round of drinks for every member of his unit in that room.

Through the years, there are other groups that noticed the potential of challenge coins and began using them to fulfill a particular purpose.

Commemorative Coins

There are lots of people who use commemorative coins as gifts to their special guests who came to their place and celebrate an important occasion with them. The custom coins sometimes serve as invitations and sent out to guests at least three days before the celebration.

There are families that have annual tradition of minting commemorative coins during Memorial Day, and these coins are usually given to invited guests. The coins have different design each year, and some even prepare personalized coins for special guests.

Campaign Materials

There are several business owners who use the coins as campaign materials or promotional items to help their business. The coins usually contain the company logo, contact details, products or services, and their motto. There are others that give limited edition coins to their most loyal consumers to show their appreciation. Sometimes, the coins also come with a freebie when the customer presented it to the booth that’s handling the distribution of different freebies.

There are times when the coins serve as invitations to the coming event that the company has organized.

Souvenirs and Mementos

There are custom coins that shops sell as souvenirs or mementos. There are coins that wish for the bearer’s good health, luck, and happiness. There are coins that bear the logo or motto of a certain city.

The coins that usually serve as mementos of a certain place often depicts the things that could be found in that area, and make the bearer remember the place. The coin also serves as invitation and promotional item to entice everyone to come and see their place, and discover the things they have to offer.


There are also key chain coins that hold the keys and keep them organized. The key chain coin can also be used as accessory or adornment for your bag or wallet.

For the Collectors

There are people who collect challenge coins, and there are rare coins that are worth collecting. Military coins are the most worthy challenge coins to collect. They are usually made using high quality materials, and they have sophisticated designs. Their primary goal is boost the morale of the members of a particular unit.

There are some rare coins that were created to give recognition to deserving men and women in the military.

There are companies that use the coins for their event. There are individuals who use them as giveaways or favors, and to show their gratitude to their guests who attended their special occasion. There are schools that use them as awards for students with exceptional talent or skill.

In the years to come, custom coins will encounter more uses. It should not be surprising anymore if someday they are used in accomplishing something that could be considered extraordinary.

How the Cremation Process is Done

The cremation process can be done in a funeral home, crematorium or a cemetery. It is done to prepare the body for its final disposition.

The Preparation

Since cremating bodies is an irreversible process, there are various preparations before it can be conducted on a body.

You have to provide the deceased’s death certificate, and have a coroner’s permission to perform the cremation. This is to ensure that no other examinations or medical tests have to be done.
The funeral home will provide an authorization form to be signed by the closest family members.

CremationSome states require a waiting period of 24-48 hours because you can no longer find out the deceased’s cause of death once cremated.
Ensure that no pacemakers are found in the body of the deceased, as it may explode, damage the incinerator, and harm the staff.
Jewelry items must be removed as well, as metal objects get broken and damaged during the process.

Embalming is only necessary if a public viewing will be held to give other family members a chance to pay their last respects to the deceased.

The body of the deceased will then be placed inside a cremation casket – usually made of wood or cardboard box that has a plywood bottom – that will burn well during the process.

The crematory operator or funeral director will then place a tag in the container to prevent confusion, and to ensure that the ashes will be given to the right family.

The Actual Cremation

The actual cremating process is held inside the chamber also referred to as a retort. The retort is preheated at a set temperature, and then the body is placed quickly inside the retort to prevent heat loss.

During the incineration, the body of the deceased is brought into flames from a furnace fueled by oils, propane and natural gas.

The first to burn is the container. Once the container burns, the body gets heated and dried up. The hair and the skin get burned. The muscles contract and char. Tissues are vaporized, and the bones are calcified. Bones eventually crumble.

Does the process smell? No. It’s because any gases resulting from the process are released through an exhaust system. The emissions tend to help vaporize gases that might smell.

The body ends up becoming bone fragments and skeletal remains that are collected in a pan or tray. The crematory operator inspects these remains as they may still include metal objects such as nails, screws, hinges or other casket parts. These metal objects are removed by magnet and/or by hand to avoid damaging the equipment.

The last part involves placing the remains inside a cylindrical container. The container has motorized blades to pound the bone fragments until they become pulverized and reach a fine sand-like consistency.

The entire process may take up to 1-3 hours, and will convert the body into “cremains” that weigh only up to 3-7 lbs. The remains are placed inside an urn and handed over to the deceased’s family. In the absence of an urn, the crematorium can also place the remains inside a plastic box or container.

Other Factors

The cremation process may be shorter or longer, and there are other factors that affect the duration such as:

1. The body’s size and weight
2. The quality of equipments being used
3. The ratio of lean muscle mass to body fat
4. The retort’s temperature
5. The kind of casket or container being used

To ensure that cremated remains are kept separate, bodies are burned separately, and one at a time. There are identification papers as well that are placed outside the incinerator to prevent mix-up.


Before the cremation process, there are documents that relatives have to provide. Once everything is fulfilled, the cremating process pushes through and converts the body into ashes placed inside an urn. The ashes are handed over to the relatives for safekeeping.

Original SEO Post: Important Factors to Consider

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a strategy that is used by online marketers around the world in order to make their or their clients’ sites stand out in the search engine results in Google, Yahoo! or Bing. You know how important Search Engine Optimization is in promoting your blog site, products, services, web site, forums or personal brand. According to recent studies with respect to online habits of people, only a handful (10%) actually uses the second page of the Google search engine results. Therefore, your goal is to make sure that your site is at the first page of the Google search engine rankings as much as possible.

In this article, you will learn the two most important factors that you should consider whenever you write any content in your site. By taking advantage of these factors, the page rank in the search result page of your site will significantly improve.

How the content got shared

content got sharedOne of the key factors of search engine rankings is how the content got shared. The basic reason for this is that content that was shared many times (frequently) across different social networking sites (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram) signal that such content is highly valuable, informative or entertaining. Otherwise, the target market or the fans would never bother sharing the content to their friends, family and social network. Therefore, content that is considered as very valuable by readers and target market are ranked way much higher in the Google search engine results.

websiteThis development actually makes sense because social networking sites are quickly becoming a new source of organic traffic for blogs, web sites and forums. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by Forrester Research, the percentage of users who took advantage of social networking sites’ share button in order to reach a new web site (organically) is constantly growing at 7% per year (this is way more than the growth of search engines itself).

Now, how can you take advantage of this fact? You can encourage your fans, supporters and your target market (especially) that if they found your content valuable, informative or entertaining, they should share it (on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) or click the +1s (in Google +). Just make sure that your blog, web site or forum has an easy-to-share button in your web page so they can easily execute your call to action.

The device used by the target market

deviceYou should also keep in mind the device that is used by your target market (whether it is a computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet). The reason for this is that it will give you a general idea on the habits and psychology of your target market. For example, keep in mind that when a person is surfing the web through his or her mobile phone, chances are he is looking to compare prices of two products every quickly. In other words, he might be looking for numbers, metrics and statistics and does not have a lot of time to read texts. Also, if a person is surfing the web through his or her tablet, chances are he or she is looking for a content to read leisurely (that is without confusing data, metrics and statistics). Moreover, if he is surfing the web through a laptop, then this means that he has a lot of time to carefully read and analyze your content. Adjust your strategies in writing content accordingly.

In addition, make sure that your web page is responsive to any web device. Some users have reported and complained that the content from a specified site that they used in the past was not adjusting to the screen size when used on tablets or mobile phones.