Custom Coins and their Infinite Uses

It is a known fact that the military is not the sole group that uses the custom coins; even different businesses and organizations use them. Before, only military men own challenge coins. The coin symbolizes their affiliation with their group. It helps strengthen the bond between the members who bear the same coin.

custom coinsThe leaders of each group or unit are the ones who give each member their own coin. Bringing their own coin, at all times, has been a tradition in the military. To make sure that each military man will always bring his own coin, a coin check challenge was born. Anyone who failed to present a coin, when the challenge was called, must buy the next round of drinks for every member of his unit in that room.

Through the years, there are other groups that noticed the potential of challenge coins and began using them to fulfill a particular purpose.

Commemorative Coins

There are lots of people who use commemorative coins as gifts to their special guests who came to their place and celebrate an important occasion with them. The custom coins sometimes serve as invitations and sent out to guests at least three days before the celebration.

There are families that have annual tradition of minting commemorative coins during Memorial Day, and these coins are usually given to invited guests. The coins have different design each year, and some even prepare personalized coins for special guests.

Campaign Materials

There are several business owners who use the coins as campaign materials or promotional items to help their business. The coins usually contain the company logo, contact details, products or services, and their motto. There are others that give limited edition coins to their most loyal consumers to show their appreciation. Sometimes, the coins also come with a freebie when the customer presented it to the booth that’s handling the distribution of different freebies.

There are times when the coins serve as invitations to the coming event that the company has organized.

Souvenirs and Mementos

There are custom coins that shops sell as souvenirs or mementos. There are coins that wish for the bearer’s good health, luck, and happiness. There are coins that bear the logo or motto of a certain city.

The coins that usually serve as mementos of a certain place often depicts the things that could be found in that area, and make the bearer remember the place. The coin also serves as invitation and promotional item to entice everyone to come and see their place, and discover the things they have to offer.


There are also key chain coins that hold the keys and keep them organized. The key chain coin can also be used as accessory or adornment for your bag or wallet.

For the Collectors

There are people who collect challenge coins, and there are rare coins that are worth collecting. Military coins are the most worthy challenge coins to collect. They are usually made using high quality materials, and they have sophisticated designs. Their primary goal is boost the morale of the members of a particular unit.

There are some rare coins that were created to give recognition to deserving men and women in the military.

There are companies that use the coins for their event. There are individuals who use them as giveaways or favors, and to show their gratitude to their guests who attended their special occasion. There are schools that use them as awards for students with exceptional talent or skill.

In the years to come, custom coins will encounter more uses. It should not be surprising anymore if someday they are used in accomplishing something that could be considered extraordinary.