What It Takes To Be A Skilled Writer

Being a simple content writer is different from being a skilled content writer. In order for readers to be satisfied in their reading, the article should keep their interest. The following are some characteristics that a skilled content writer should possess or should always apply to eventually be considered skilled.

1.The game face

Like a soldier who’s always ready for a war – content writers should always be ready to research. Some would say that they research on as many as ten sites before writing the content. Well, checking a minimum of 3 is already helpful. Whatever the number of sites you do your research on, you shouldn’t merely gather all the data you come across. Get the gist you need, summarize the ideas, or jot down the necessary information.

2.The voice

A content writer knows how to incorporate his personality into his writing. Some content writers believe that the way to write is keeping in mind the following questions – “How can an ordinary person understands this?” or “If I will read this, will I be interested?” In this manner, you can synthesize an idea and make it more believable, understandable, and factual.

3.The one

“The one” talks about that single topic that the content is focused on. A content writer must dig deep to find descriptions, explanations, twists, mysteries, histories, and many more about a certain topic. Others present their understanding of the topic talking about disadvantages and benefits. If you wish to be among the best content writers, you shouldn’t stray from the main topic.


The style deals with the formatting, the length, and the angle of your written piece. Most writers will tell you that they also need their pen and paper to “connect the dots.” This is helpful to make the flow of every content, story, or article on point, and no part is repeated or copied from the resources without the prior acknowledgement.

5.Capture on the first line

A content writer knows that the first line is the best part to capture an audience. This is necessary to keep the readers intrigued on what you have to offer. Therefore, the first line is one of the most important parts of the article. Writers also point the importance of your “lead.” This refers to the introduction of your article, as it points the direction you are heading. Make it short, precise, and compelling.

6.Keep it simple

Content writersSome articles are clearly too wordy. This means that they are filled with long sentences, long paragraphs, and long introductions. This will result to a reader being dismayed and uninterested. Remember that most readers don’t actually read the article, they scan it. So make sure that you present your articles in a simple way, with distinction and straight to the point. It should also focus on what is the truth about the topic. Content writers should know where to start a paragraph and where to end it.


A content writer doesn’t end with the last period of the article. In fact, most writers believe that after finishing the article comes the most enjoyable part – proofreading and editing. Here, they laugh at their own mistakes, make more clarifications, and make their output better. Some content writers even suggest that editing should be done an hour or two after you have done your article – and if it is possible, a day after. Their rationale is to make the article a stranger to you.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to become a good and competitive content writer? Why not try it today!